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We took over one of the most sought after bloodlines available in the American Brittany breed in the nation.  Developed over 35 years by Ed Orms of the Flying O Ranch, this line comes from the very best champions and grand-champions that have ever lived. While Ed continues to train, show, and trial a few of the males, he turned over the breeding to us. However, since we are not avid hunters, we have found that this line also makes for a fantastic family dog, especially for those who want an active, fun-loving, and extremely loyal furry family member. Our Brittanys come in and out of the house at will. They love the outdoors and play outside most of the day but when they get ready for bed they come inside to sleep with their humans. They love camping, hiking, & swimming!


Cockapoos were a favorite of our long before the became so popular.  However, we also like our babies to stay smaller than the standard cocker spaniel (18-25 lbs).  So we searched far and wide for the smallest full blood cocker spaniel females we could find with a great bloodline and perfect health record. Not easy, but we found one! Our Bailey is a true prize that fit the bill so we bred her to another small male and kept Penny. Now we have two amazing mini cocker spaniels weighing in at 12 lbs & 10 lbs respectively. We breed them to our toy poodle Rosco (5 lbs). People are amazed at how small our cockapoos babies are and that's why we classify them as "Toy Cockapoos". You're not getting a health challenged runt but a true health guaranteed small breed cockapoo.


While our daughter was and is the the cocker spaniel lover, dad's breed of choice is the toy poodle. He found that they are extremely smart, laugh-out-loud funny, and small enough to take with you everywhere you go. You can find Rosco anywhere dad is. He goes to the store, takes trips, and has his own spot under dad's desk at his office on the 4th floor of our local bank building. When Mom decided to start breeding we got Roxie for Rosco because we really like the red color in this breed. We intended to get a great breeding pair in the ice white and more reds but our Brittanys got interjected in to that plan when Ed's health issue came up so we adjusted. However, we are now back on track in search of the perfect additions to our furry family in this breed.


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AKC Champion Bloodline


Buddy weighs 36 lbs white with red markings & has a perfect health record, vet certified. Buddy and his mate Annie love to hunt & stalk the back yard for anything that moves. They are extremely playful & full of energy but very gentle & loving to the humans.  A Fantastic addition to our furry family.

AKC Champion Bloodline

Brittany Stud

Bozo is a stud on loan to us from an amazing line of champion hunters. Although we primarily raise our babies as furry family, we have found that this bloodline produces amazing personality and character traits that make for an active, easy-to-train, and extremely loyal pet that just wants to please you!


Toy Poodle

Rosco is dad's running buddy & goes with him everywhere.  Yes, even to the office. Rosco is, by far, the comedian of the family. He's red & weighs in at just 5 lbs. Smart to a fault, extremely loyal, & OMG FUNNY!!! We have got to get him on video because he is that funny. Keeps us in stiches constantly!


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AKC Champion Bloodline

Brittany - Annie

Annie's pedigree really comes through in her personality. She weighs 34 lbs with red markings. She has a perfect health record, vet certified. Annie is, by far, the outdoor lover. She loves to hunt & stalk the back yard game. Extremely playful and full of energy but very gentle and loving to the humans.

AKC Champion Bloodline

Brittany - Bessie

Bessie spent her first years enjoying the hunting life surrounded by and running with some of the best hunting dogs anywhere.  She then transitioned into our furry family and now enjoys her new running buddies and her place in our home.  Her new life allows her to be a spoiled mommy and wonderful addition.

AKC Champion Bloodline

Brittany - Ellie

Ellie spent her first years enjoying the hunting life surrounded by and running with some of the best hunting dogs anywhere. She then transitioned into our furry family and now enjoys her new running buddies and her place in our home. Her new life allows her to be a spoiled mommy and wonderful addition.

AKC Champion Bloodline

Brittany - Hazel

Hazel comes from the same stock as all our Brittanys but she was raised as a family dog and companion to an older Brittany male from great stock that hunted for most of his years. We got Hazel due to a home fire. She has been Vet checked and is in perfect.  She has made an easy transition into our family. 

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Toy Poodle - Roxie

Roxie is registered with AKC & CKC. She is a beautiful red toy weighing 7 lbs 10oz. She has a great disposition, charactor, super smart, and LOL funny.  She sleeps with the humans and demands center stage.  By far Miss show out Ham-it-up.  Keeps us in stitches most of the time. In Vet care since birth and heath certified GREAT!


Mini Cocker - Bailey

Bailey is CKC registered with a perfect healt record. She has been in the care of our Vet since birth. She weighs in at only 11 lbs and is a stunning chocolate color. Bailey is our sweetheart lovebug. She loves her play time but when it's time to settle down she's looking for a lap or feet to curl up to.  Belly rubs are her favorite but cuddles are a close second.

Litters for Sale

Litter 1


Bailey Litter 1.   [Due Feb 3, 2021]

Litter 2


Bessie Litter 2.     [Due Jan 20, 2021]

Litter 3


Ellie Litter 3 - [Due Jan 22, 2021]

Litter 4

No Litter

Litter 4   [Check Back Soon!]

Toy Poodles


Base Price

Price Adjustments....

  • Deposit:                                               -   $300
  • Female:                                               +  $200
  • Shots, Worm, & Microchip:             + $0.00
  • *Long Crop & Dew Claws:              + $0.00
  • * Don't crop - by request 3-5 days of birth.


Designer Breed

Base Price

Price Adjustments...

  • Deposit:                                              -  $300
  • Female:                                               +  $0.00
  • Shots, Worm, & Microchip:             + $0.00
  • *Crop & Dew Claws:                         + $0.00  
  • * Don't crop-  by request 3-5 days of birth.



Orange & White

Price Adjustments...

  • Deposit:                                              - $300
  • Female:                                               + $200
  • Color:  Black & White                       + $200
  • Shots, Worm, & Microchip:             + $0.00
  • Crop & Dew Claws:                          + $0.00



Liver & White

Price Adjustments...

  • Deposit:                                              - $300
  • Female:                                               + $200
  • Color: Tricolor                                    + $300
  • Shots, Worm, & Microchip:             + $0.00
  • Crop & Dew Claws:                           + $0.00

How much to deliver my puppy?

We Deliver puppy to you!

We don't ship our puppies because we think it is far too stressful on the babies.  We will however deliver them to you.  This is done by either road trip or fly them out in our lap.  All we ask is that you cover the real out-of-pocket expenses to get them to you. If you want to meet us half way that's great too.  For a road trip, we charge $50 per hour to you (from Longview to you or any point in between).  If a hotel is necessary we ask that you cover the cost of an economy room. However, since we have 2 drivers this would be rare. For a flight, you pay for a round trip ticket, the one time pet fee of $125, $30 seat assignment fee, and $30 Health certificate for your puppy, you may also need to cover an economy hotel with shuttle service to the airport because sometimes we can't deliver the puppy and get on a return flight the same day. This sounds expensive, I know, but we just booked a flight to California with hotel and all fees for only $500 total cost to deliver the puppy all the way to California.

If you would like to see what it would cost to have us deliver your puppy to you just fill out the form on the left and we will calculate the cost. If you elect to have us deliver your puppy we will program one of the custom payment buttons below for you.  Then just use that button to add your delivery fee to your cart with your deposit on the puppy you want.  Once you complete the checkout we'll do the rest!

*We dont share your personal info with anyone. Check out our privacy policy for more information.

The Breeder



Chief Hug Giver

Wendy has been an Executive Care Giver for our furry family for many years and specializes in TLC.

About Us

We are a simple family that happens to love dogs to a fault and always have. Our dogs are family, period. When we look for new furry family we always try to find a breeder that feels the same way we do. Thats not as easy as it seems with so many puppy mills out there now-a-days. After Mom retired she had a thought... Why don't we increase our furry ones and share our babies with people just like us. So, a couple of years ago that's exactly what we did.

CHAPTER 2: Our great friend and mentor, Ed Orms of Flying O Ranch, had a health issue come up and asked us if we would be willing to take over his 35 year Brittany breeding business.  Of course we said "Yes" and we added Bessie, Ellie, and Hazel to our furry family.  As a result we now have one of the most sought after bloodlines in the Brittany breed.  The Flying O Ranch Brittany's are second to none in pedigree as hunters but we have found they make excellent house pets as well. Very active, sweet, super smart, and almost train themselves.  The puppies instinctively use a dogie litter box once weened and house break easily.  They also seem to point as soon as they can walk.  They do need a large yard or an active family to go run and play with but settle down nicely at night. We converted our garage into a furry Hilton for our ever growing family and couldn't be happier. Not what we intended when we started but we wouldn't change a thing now!  We just have more babies to share.

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